Supporting Documents

This is our depository of documents and files that have been accumulated to date. They are made available here for reference


Download this file (Fundamentals of Section Management R1.ppt)Fundamentals of Section Management R1.ppt[Powerpoint that highlights the various leadership roles and their functions]871 Kb
Download this file (NP_Chairing_a_Board_Meeting.pdf)Chairing a meeting[How to chair a meeting]105 Kb
Download this file (NP_BuildingaBoardManual.pdf)Board Member's Manual[How to create a manual for your board members]100 Kb
Download this file (NP_GoodBoardPracticesChecklist.pdf)Good Practices Checklist[Good Board Practices]30 Kb
Download this file (DistrictExpansionGrant_ts20100806005402_DistrictExpansionGrantProgram.doc)DistrictExpansionGrantProgram.doc[ ]58 Kb